November 20, 2012
Heaven’s Trail or Fantastic Photography?


You’ve probably seen this picture around tumblr or pinterest. It’s usually captioned by the following: A place in Ireland where every 2 years on June 10-18 the stars line up with the path. It’s called Heaven’s Trail.

After seeing this, I decided to do some research. The picture is absolutely stunning and it turns out that it was taken by a photographer by the name of Thomas Zimmer. It was taken on the west coast island of Sylt in Northern Germany near the North Sea. Unfortunately, as incredible as the Heaven’s Trail would be in- it does not exist. It seems that Zimmer’s photograph was used and taken to other websites and soon began a life of its own.

It was really a one time photo opportunity. As Zimmer says, “The Milky Way was right above the stars.” Sitting in the cold, hungry and exhausted, this photo was his last shot before leaving. And it was a good thing he stayed, as the image is now seen on book covers and in newspapers. “My God, It’s Full of Stars.”

There’s a magic to it that’s undeniable. Stars outside our world that appear to line up and relates to our view on order in the universe. Our desire for there to be sense.

You can read more about Zimmer’s story here-

So, where did all the nonsensical facts come from? There is a place that exists in Newgrange Ireland though it does not look like the photograph. Called bru na bainne there is sometimes in alignment of the stars of Orion or the Lord of the Northern Winter.

What is lovely about this image, disregarding the falsities around it, is that it was not photoshopped. The photo is not a fantasy. The image is real and exists above us, if we’re brave enough to look for it.

No constellation this week but more to come soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Ashley Kane

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