March 1, 2012
The Grand Old Failure of 2012

Mitt Romney can breathe a sigh of relief after his two wins last night, but for him the battle doesn’t end until this coming Tuesday when ten states will vote in the Republican primaries. Although I support no Republican candidate, I will say that the party is making it incredibly easy for Barack Obama to win re-election. Their first folly was to force former Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman out of the race.

Huntsman was a thoughtful speaker who carried a center-right policy that advocated for a conservative fiscal policy but also promoted civil unions for gays and lesbians as well as more rights for immigrants. Huntsman could tout his former success as ambassador, especially now that we have begun shifting our foreign policy away from the Middle East and towards a new cold war with China. Analysts from both the left and the right agreed that Huntsman may not have been able to beat Obama, but he definitely would have given him a run for his money.

Unfortunately for Huntsman he had to bow out of the race after New Hampshire and from there the choice seemed obvious: Romney. Apparently not if you’re a member of the G.O.P. and they’ve been working hard to cycle through every candidate to ensure Romney doesn’t win. For a party that claims their goal was to ultimately de-throne Obama they seem to have little party unity.

All of the squabbling between the candidates and their petty attacks on each other have ultimately brought out each candidate’s weakness and before the real election starts there is a laundry list of faults for each candidate already out in the open. Obama and the Democrats merely needed to sit by the sidelines and watch as Rick Santorum attacked Romney for only paying 13% of his income to taxes or Ron Paul call Santorum a fake in the Arizona debates.

As it stands right now there seems to be no reason to vote for these candidates so before the race even started it’s already been lost.

-Arjun Singh 

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